Vip Aldime
 Aluminum Ramps

They are totally built out of profiles extruded (patented system).
The profiles forming the floor are fastened by clips.
The structure of the ramp is fastened to the floor by stainless steel and self-winding A2 rivets.

No welding is involved, thereby obtaining a perfect finish.
The same ramp is available in two versions, standard or light.
Pieces are mecanizad by CNC, no laser or punching involved, to provide a maximum quality finish.

The turnaround, joining the ramp to the floor, is made out of a stainless steel axle and a self-oil socket with H7 tolerance.
The ramp with three layers uses a stainless steel axle and a self-oil socket with H7 tolerance to fasten the second layer to the third.
Our ramps are provided with two gas springs which evenly distribute the efforts and facilitate its opening and closing.

Every possible vibration is eliminated by the installation of anti-vibration shock absorbers.
The two layer ramp is provided with wheels which facilitate folding and unfolding.

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Reference standard light
2H 660-2400
2H 660-2400L
660 725 2400 1220 182 16º 32 29
2H 820-2000
2H 820-2000L
820 885 2000 1045 182 19º 34 29
2H 820-2200
2H 820-2200L
820 885 2200 1135 182 17,5º 37 31
2H 820-2400
2H 820-2400L
820 885 2400 1220 182 16º 40 33
3H 820-2300
3H 820-2300L
820/765 860 2300 870 215 16,5º 40 34
3H 820-2800
3H 820-2800L
820/765 860 2800 1045 215 13,5º 47 40

Vip Aldime manufactures the Standard model with a design and a shape which convey an unprecedented sense of security and robustness. Vip Aldime has patented the system for the manufacture of these ramps.

An original system in the market formed by joining aluminium extrusion profiles assembled by clamping, and screwed or riveted in order obtain a perfectly compact product without welding.
The materials which make up this ramp are of the first quality and all fasteners are made of stainless steel. Each of its pieces has been thoroughly studied in order to obtain a product of evident quality at first sight.

Light Ramps volver

Following the same philosophy as the one used for the standard ramps, Vip Aldime has developed a second model of manual aluminium ramps for adapted vehicle access, Light.

It has been mechanised in the shape of mounting hole in the upper part and rectangular openings in the back, thus achieving a considerable decrease of the final weight of the ramp. Its shape and distribution allows visibility through the ramp, without affecting the general structure. All ramps are assembled with pneumatic cylinders to be able to perfectly distribute the effort.

All our ramps support 400 kg.
Never load them with more than 400 kg.

All the Vip Aldime ramps may be anchored to the vehicle by means of three different fixtures according to your needs.

The pivoting fixture is ideal for those who need to free space in the door where it is installed, the removable fixture for those who need to put and withdraw the ramp repeatedly and the fixed fixture for those who want to leave the ramp on the vehicle and remove it only on specific occasions.

Pivoting Ramp Removable Ramp Fixed Ramp
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